SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process by which a web page’s visibility and accessibility through search engines is optimised for maximum impact. It is an integral piece of marketing for any website. At Concept Original, our SEO processes are proven, effective, and reliable. The approach we take to SEO is all inclusive: all aspects of SEO are considered and each aspect is thoroughly implemented. We offer daily ranking checks, competitor analysis, and off-site and on-site SEO services. As with any service we offer, we will work closely with you to determine which keywords are most relevant for you and your business. Once these keywords have been identified, we optimise the website to maximise the visibility and accessibility and consequently lead the highest quality traffic to your website.

On-site SEO services

The primary type of SEO available is on-site SEO. After identifying critical keywords to you and your business, we maximise the impact through subtle modifications of the pages of your website, the titles, the tags, the links along with other objects you may request. These aspects determine the website’s ranking on Google and other search engines; this ranking is then used to determine how relevant the website is to specific keyword searches and, typically, the higher the ranking the better. We also provide running services to assist with keeping your site up to date with the latest SEO techniques.

Off-site SEO services

The secondary type of SEO is off-site SEO. This type of SEO is less direct for search engines and more about relevant traffic finding your site. It primarily involves the inclusion of trusted links embedded in sites from around the web that lead the user to the website. We provide services which will increase your off-site presence.