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HTTP Websites are now flagged as ‘NOT SECURE’ on Chrome

From the start of January HTTP websites featuring any kind of password identification or use of a credit card form will be listed as not secure to users of the popular browser Google Chrome.


It is recommended to any domain owner to take it upon themselves to make sure their website is updated to an HTTPS connection before their website is flagged with ‘Not secure’ to avoid any loss of visitors to their website or succumbing to a security breach in the future.

When a website is loaded over a HTTP connection anyone that is connected to the same network would be able to look at or modify the site before it reaches you. This means anything you may be viewing or purchasing could be under the eye of a cyber criminal looking to steal your private information and banking details.

After getting the ball rolling on this project through an academic paper released mid 2016 “Rethinking Connection Security Indicators” by Googles own Adrienne Porter Felt and Robert Reeder which stated on the fact that most users were unable to answer when asked what the current symbols that appear on the Chrome browser means in regards to security. Through this gained information the move has been pushed through as a way of guiding users away from potentially dangerous sites and raising awareness of the risk they may be taking by carrying on through to the site.

Anyone who has questions or would like us to purchase and install an SSL Certificate for them please get in touch!