If your business is like many others across the UK, and your bottom line has been affected by the COVD-19 lockdown?. This is a perfect time to look to the future and start preparing for tomorrow. With everyone’s budget tightening up, we have some great tips below to help you prepare for life after lockdown.

Tip 1 - Keep Marketing

Even if you are not actively open for business there’s no more important time to keep up your marketing efforts, allowing your potential clientbase to grow. Things like SEO take several months to set in so starting now when you can’t take on any work would be the perfect time. Better still, ask all of your previous happy customers to leave you reviews on Google, Facebook, Trustpoilt etc to boost your reputation.

If you do not know where to start we could help, visit our contact page here and we would be happy to help.

Tip 2 - Stay connected with your customers

Now more than ever you have the opportunity to get your clients attention whilst they are home, with greater access to email and social media, and potentially win new business. Give them plenty of content to consume across your marketing efforts, reaching out to them by newsletters and social media posts. We’re all in business to service a need. For clients in need of help during this time examine ways your company can help them get back on their feet after this is all over and motivation to keep working through.

Tip 3 - Give your audience something to smile about

While it’s important to let your customers know you are still operating or closed, but will be back as soon as possible, realize that everyone could use a laugh and make sure that some of your marketing content helps them crack a smile or two. ‘Not another COVID-19 update’ strikes a real cord with most! Creating follow up campaigns to previous marketing efforts can be a great ice-breaker.

Why not post some gifs onto your social media with a post find some here

Tip 4 - Company Updates

Now is the perfect time to do all of those important but not urgent jobs that you were too busy to make time for. Like learning how to use facebook & instagram or update your original website content you have had since the internet began. With millions of online courses available you can spend your time wisely.

Maybe signup for a training course on lynda.com

Tip 5 - Give back to the community

For people in a position of good health and the means to do so, now is a perfect time to give back to your local community. Whether it’s shopping for a self isolating vulnerable person or signing up to volunteer for the NHS  all of these can keep you busy and mentally stable in these tough times.

Link to signup and voulenter for the NHS goodsamapp.org/NHS

Tip 6 - Do right by your staff

Even if times are very tough right now remember who helped you grow your business. With all the government schemes available including grants, furlough etc and the experts to help you (links below) you can make sure that when the pandemic is over your company still has that great reputation. It’s during times like these that how you treat your staff reflects your company’s true culture and ethos – how do you want to be thought of?

Our friends at Newman HR could help with any staffing issues ukemploymentlawadvice.co.uk/

Find your companies employee ratings here: glassdoor.co.uk/

If you have anything to add to this post or would like to speak to us about anything in it, please call or email us, details on the contact us page.